CentOS 8/9 – Setting up LDAP/Kerberos Authentication using Active Directory without Joining to the AD Domain

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We all want to be able to use a centralized user database so we aren’t constantly having to make sure users and passwords match up between systems. This isn’t always the easiest to do, when using Linux with Microsoft AD DS. I was asked to come up with a way to give Linux systems a […]

Using IPAM Static IP Addresses with Cloudbase-init and vRealize Automation

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I have been eating, breathing and sleeping VMware Cloud Management and Automation lately. I have learned quite a bit, over the last 6 months, about automation concepts, designing for cloud-agnostic deployments and even Microsoft Windows deployment practices and issues. In doing so, I can across some really cool ideas and products that help along the […]

Creating Alert Notifications in vRealize Operations for Log Insight Alerts

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VMware vRealize has some great integrations between it’s products, but recently I came to find out that it does have some shortfalls. Specifically, it has a shortfall in being able to get alert notifications from vRealize Operations (vROps) on an alert triggered from vRealize Log Insight (vRLI). This came as a surprise to me, as […]

Part 4: phpIPAM v1.4+ – SAML2 Authentication with vRealize Identity Manager 3.3.2+

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I have recently been on a LONG journey around integrating phpIPAM into a corporate environment.  This includes building (coding from a blank SDK) an integration between vRealize Automation and phpIPAM, as well configuring SAML2 Authentication and Single Sign-On. This is part 4 of a multi-part series, documenting how I deployed and integrated phpIPAM into an […]