Using IPAM Static IP Addresses with Cloudbase-init and vRealize Automation

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I have been eating, breathing and sleeping VMware Cloud Management and Automation lately. I have learned quite a bit, over the last 6 months, about automation concepts, designing for cloud-agnostic deployments and even Microsoft Windows deployment practices and issues. In doing so, I can across some really cool ideas and products that help along the […]

Creating Alert Notifications in vRealize Operations for Log Insight Alerts

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VMware vRealize has some great integrations between it’s products, but recently I came to find out that it does have some shortfalls. Specifically, it has a shortfall in being able to get alert notifications from vRealize Operations (vROps) on an alert triggered from vRealize Log Insight (vRLI). This came as a surprise to me, as […]

Part 4: phpIPAM v1.4+ – SAML2 Authentication with vRealize Identity Manager 3.3.2+

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I have recently been on a LONG journey around integrating phpIPAM into a corporate environment.  This includes building (coding from a blank SDK) an integration between vRealize Automation and phpIPAM, as well configuring SAML2 Authentication and Single Sign-On. This is part 4 of a multi-part series, documenting how I deployed and integrated phpIPAM into an […]